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Kellerhals Carrard Lugano SA
Via Canonica 5
P.O. Box 6280
6901 Lugano
Tel: +
Fax: +

Languages   French (native); English, Italian (fluent)
Nationality   Switzerland, France
Bar Admission   Geneva - 1981
Lugano - 1984
Education   University of Geneva (Licence en droit - 1979; DES commercial law - 1983; PhD - 1988)
Professor of Corporate Law - University of Geneva; Head of the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy
as Arbitrator  
Chair, sole arbitrator, or member of the tribunal in numerous domestic and international arbitration proceedings, ad hoc and under the aegis of the ICC, SCAI (Swiss Rules), IATA; member of the 31st America's Cup Arbitration Panel (2000-2003), of the 32nd America's Cup Jury (2006-2007) and Chair of the 33rd America's Cup Arbitration Panel (2007-2009)
as Counsel  
Business and sports law cases; opinions and expert in these fields
Relating to  
• Editor and co-author "Dispute Resolution in the 34th America's Cup" (Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, 2015) (with D. Telett, J. Doerr, J. Hofland, G. McKenzie, H. Ross, B. Willis)

• Editor and co-author The 33rd America's Cup Judicial and Arbitral Decisions (Kluwer, 2012) (with H. Ross, G. McKenzie)

• Editor and co-author The 32nd America's Cup Jury and its Decisions, (Kluwer, 2009) (with B. Willis, G. Kaufmann-Kohler, G. McKenzie, H. Menin, D. Tillett)

• Editor and co-author "Arbitration in the America's Cup - The XXXI America's Cup Arbitration Panel and its Decisions," (Kluwer, 2003) (with J. Faire, M. Foster, D. Manasse, D. Tompkins)

• "Ad Hoc versus Institutional Arbitration in a Law and Economics Perspective," in Law and Economics of International Arbitration (P. Nobel, K. Krehan, P. von Ins eds., Schulthess, 2014) 39

• "Ausdehnung ratione personae der Schiedsklausel: der besondere Fall des Vertrags zugunsten eines Dritten / Kommentar zu BGE 4A_44/2011 vom 19. April 2011", in Bull. ASA 3/2012, Vol. 30, at 672 (with D. Ceroni)

• "Redress, a Remedy for the Limits of Traditional Remedies," in Performance as a Remedy: Non-Monetary Relief in International Arbitration: ASA Special Series No. 30 (M. Schneider and J. Knoll eds., Juris Publishing, 2011)

• "M&A Transactions: Process and Possible Disputes," in Arbitration of Merger and Acquisition Disputes, ASA Special Series No. 24 at 1 (Basel, 2005)

• "Letters of intent in the M&A context," in Arbitration of Merger and Acquisition Disputes, ASA Special Series No. 24 at 265 (Basel 2005)(wtih J.C. Liebeskind)

The America's Cup Arbitration Panel, 21(2) Bull. ASA 249 (2003)

• "Formula 1 Racing and Arbitration: the FIA Tailor-made System for Fast-Track Dispute Resolution," 17(2) Arb. Int’l 173 (2001)(with G. Kaufmann-Kohler)

• "Conflicting Contracts in Sport: Resolution through Central Filing and ad hoc Arbitration," in ASA Special Series No. 11 – Arbitration of Sports-Related Disputes / L’arbitrage des litiges liés au sport 63 (1998)

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